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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wire Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial

Wire Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial

This tutorial will cover how to make the wire wrapped bracelet pictured below:

Okay, this is my first attempt at a tutorial, so please excuse the poor quality pictures (next time I'm enlisting my husband's help in taking pictures).

What you will need to create this bracelet:
3 - oval beads, approximately 20 x 13 mm
3 - barrel beads, approximately 12 x 10 mm
1 - czech glass faceted bead, approximately 10 mm x 10 mm
6 - 4 mm jump rings
1 - spool of 20 gauge wire (I used Parawire's Vintaj brass)

Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers

One of the main elements used in this bracelet is a double wrapped loop, let's begin with how to make one.
    Cut approximately 7 inches of wire.  Position one of your oval beads so that it is centered on the wire.  Right above the bead, use your round nose pliers to create a 90 degree bend in the wire.  You can then take the bead off the wire, as it is easier to work without it until it is needed. 

    Move the round nose pliers slightly to the side (approximately 3 mm) on the part of the wire that has been bent to the side and curl the wire up and around the pliers twice, so that there are two complete circles of wire on your pliers (see pictures below).  Take the remaining tail of wire and wrap it neatly around the base of the loop.  Do not trim the tail, as you will be using it to create a spiral later. 

    Slip the oval bead back onto the wire, and repeat the same process to make a double wrapped loop below.  Next, use your round nose pliers to start to coil the end of one of the tails of wire.  Once you have created a circle, switch to your chain nose pliers to avoid making dents in the wire as you continue curling the spiral.  Once you have spiraled up the entire length of wire, repeat the process on the tail at the other end.  Congrats, you have one bead made for your bracelet.  Repeat this process on the remaining two oval beads.

    Now we will wire wrap the barrel beads.  Begin by cutting approximately 7 inches of wire and making a double wrapped loop approximately 2 inches from the end of the wire.  Trim the tail of the wire on this top loop.  Slip a barrel bead on the wire, then create another double wrapped loop at the bottom.  You should have a long tail of wire at this end.  Wrap the wire around the bead a couple times making your way from the top to the bottom of the bead, and then wrap the ends around the loop on the opposite end of the bead.  Trim the excess wire.  Repeat the process with one of the remaining barrel beads.

    The remaining barrel bead will become the loop that the clasp will hook into.  Cut a piece of wire approximately 7 inches long.  Create a single wrapped loop (large enough to be easily hooked onto - approximately 4 mm in diameter) at one end, trim the excess tail of wire, and then slip the bead on the wire.  Create a double wrapped loop at the opposite end of the bead, wrapping the tail of the wire around the bead in a fashion similar to what you did with the previous barrel beads, wrapping the end of the wire around the opposite loop and trimming any excess wire.

    Next, we'll make the bead which will be the hook part of the clasp.  Cut a piece of wire approximately 7 inches long.  Make a double wrapped loop and slide the czech bead onto the wire.  About 10-12 mm above the top of the bead, bend the wire back 180, so it goes back to the bead.  At the top of the bead, wrap the wire around the spot where the wire comes out of the bead twice, then trim off any excess wire.  Using your round nose pliers, make a slight notch approximately 4 mm from the top of the long wire loop you just created.  Finish the hook by bending into shape, as shown below.

    Now you have all the beads wrapped for your bracelet, you just need to complete the final assembly.  Starting with the hook bead you just make, connect it to one of the wire wrapped ovals using a jump ring.  Connect a wire wrapped barrel bead at the opposite end, using a jump ring again.  Continue connecting oval and barrel beads, finishing with the barrel bead that has a single wrapped loop at the end.

    I hope that my directions were clear and that you enjoyed this tutorial.  Happy beading!

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