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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Bead Whisperer?

Sometimes the beads speak to me.  Not in the maybe-she-should-be-locked-up-in-a-mental-hospital way, but I can just look at them and know what I should do with them - just as if they themselves know what their final form should be.  This was very true with this strand of faceted citrine nuggets I had stashed away.  I always have the bad habit of saving the beads I really like "for something really special" - as was the case with this strand.  In all reality, I'm probably scared of making something not worthy of the beads themselves.  But these beads spoke to me the other day, and I knew what to do with them.  What they chose is shown below.


  1. Beautiful bracelet. I know what you mean about saving beads for something really special, I have a drawer full! Thanks for visiting my blog and following me, I look forward to seeing more of your designs.

  2. Thanks so much. Unfortunately I still have a lot of those strands being saved for something special.
    Thanks for following me, I appreciate it!